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From essential oils to acupuncture.

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Looking to incorporate holistic and natural alternatives to your health and fitness routine?

As a health and wellness enthusiast, I am also seeking natural and alternative therapies to support the body and mind, for myself, and my family, friends, and clients.  It is a pleasure to be able to share these practices and practitioners, with you!  Please contact me with any questions about these offerings and practitioners.

Young Living Essential Oils

For thousands of years, our ancestors looked to nature to support their health and treat illness, but somewhere along the way, we became more interested in popping a pill than relying on all the gifts that the plant world has to offer.  Essential oils have had an incredible impact on my life and my family, and you can use them to support everything from boosting immunity, to getting better quality sleep, to muscle pain, stress management, coping with anxiety, and curbing cravings.  As a proud affiliate of Young Living Essential Oils, the world’s leader in therapeutic grade essential oils, it is a gift to be able to share these fabulous gifts of nature with you.  Inquire today for a potentially life-changing conversation and for a complimentary sample. Fill out the form to get started, or sign up for a Young Living account here.


For almost ten years, I have been working with Licensed Acupuncturist, Kate Ruma, to address various aspects of my health. She is thorough, compassionate, and always takes the time to understand my needs and how best to approach each session. Contact me today for a personal testimonial and visit her website at: kateruma.com

Wardrobe Consulting

Clients often talk to me about how they struggle to find clothes that fit right and make them feel comfortable and confident. Enter Wardrobe Consultant, Sarah Zengo. Sarah has a gift for helping individuals find clothes to help them feel their best in a safe and nurturing environment. Learn more about Sarah and contact her here.

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