Small Group Trainings

The edge you’ve been missing is here.

If you want something different than your average big gym class, that gives you an extra LIVELY dose of fun and accountability, my small group trainings are right for you!

Get Lively® Health & Fitness Studio is at 100 Parker Street in Watertown inside Ballroom in Boston.

Fall/Winter 2021 schedule includes both in person and virtual classes in:

  • Mat Pilates
  • HIIT/Circuit Training
  • Bootcamp
  • TRX

Get ready for a unique, high-touch experience to bring your physical fitness to the next level.

We work all the hard to reach areas (and the ones in between) to make loving and appreciating your body so much easier to do.


In Studio: 
2 weeks unlimited classes for $39 (Special one time intro offer!)

3 classes for $30 (Special one time intro offer!)

Drop in rate: 
$23 per class
5 class card: $100
10 class card: $185
30 day unlimited: $149 BEST DEAL! 



"Jan’s Get Lively HIIT class is the anchor keeping me accountable and in the best shape of my life! After having kids I found it very difficult to get into any real exercise routine; my “exercise” consisted of chasing after two kids which only led to random aches and pains that made me feel even worse about myself… until I met Jan. In 2016 I learned about her classes, starting working out regularly with her and never looked back. Jan’s sessions are unlike no other- this is NOT your ordinary workout! She is a very devoted instructor, keeping me in-check and accountable. Jan is always present and her mission is to keep our mind, spirit, and physical health in balance. I have never had the same exact routine twice and she keeps things lively during our sessions in a friendly, non-judgmental environment. Her weekly podcasts and posts on social media give me insight and the tools I need to succeed. The bonus for me was finding a group of similar-minded friends who have since become instrumental to my physical and mental health. Jan's Get Lively program is the change I needed and continues to be the reason why I make exercise a priority in my life."
Rebecca Cinci
"I consider myself so lucky to have been introduced to Jan and her classes, through a friend, a number of years ago. What I love about Jan‘s classes is that she keeps things Interesting, and she keeps things moving… Though I have been in her classes for years, we never repeat the same exercise routine! Jan is friendly, upbeat and motivating and makes people of all levels of fitness feel comfortable in her classes. She helps with modifications with each exercise so that people of all can participate. Jan keeps the music pumping, and classes feel fun. I always feel great leaving Jan’s classes…both because of the work out I’ve just had, but also because of the warm, positive environment she creates in her classes."
Kathleen McGah