About Jan Taylor & Get Lively

It all starts with a smile.  Did reading that make your lips curl upward?  I hope so, as that’s my main goal at Get Lively®: Health & Fitness. When you are smiling and feeling good about your life, all the other stuff seems to fall into place.

As a health coach, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor, I’m on a mission to help you smile more.

But let me give you a little back story on how this all began… 

My passion for health and fitness traces back to the 1980s as a young girl jumping along to Jane Fonda videos and begging my mom to wear the gray Flashdance sweatshirt with the cut off neck, but my “work life” initially had different plans.  

I went on to pursue a degree in theatre at Roger Williams University, and then spent the majority of my career at Simmons College, where I  received a Master’s degree in Communications Management, and worked in event planning and fundraising. 

But then the health and fitness bug started chasing me, or as I like to say: the return of the gray, cut off neck sweatshirt.

We’ll keep this story short and sweet, but my love for health and fitness – and a desire to help others feel the same – led me to establish Get Lively®: Health & Fitness in the summer of 2014.

Offering small group training, personal training, and a variety of virtual health coaching programs, I’ve got what you need if you are looking for some FUN!  Because, as my students and clients often hear me say: “If it’s not fun, what’s the point!”

In case you are wondering, I hold the following credentials: 

And yes, I now proudly wear that gray Flashdance sweatshirt as my uniform.